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Bioscience Workforce Development Council Meeting was hosted by CCW on Friday, December 6th at The Lundquist Institute – 1124 W Carson St, Torrance, CA .  This location was previously known as LA Biomed.

The event provided an opportunity for employer-faculty engagement to help program development at the community college system, and latest trends in skills requirements and occupational updates were provided.

The agenda included:

  • Welcome + Introductions – Carolyn Hull, LAEDC
  • Center for a Competitive Workforce Overview – Carolyn Hull, LAEDC
  • Fair Chance Hiring Campaign – Nicholas Pisca, WDACS
  • Lundquist Institute Overview – Keith Hoffman + John Munz, The Lunquist Institute
  • Triton Biosystems Overview – Lorenzo D’Amico, Triton Biosystems
  • Abbott Laboratories Overview + Employment Needs – David Kim, Abbott Laboratories
  • Bioscience HR Trends – Karmin Noar, Biocom
  • Biotech Leaders Academy – Yordanos Gebretatios, LA Bioscience Hub
  • Community College Biotech Program Highlight – Manuel Acosta, LATTC
  • Bioscience Legislative Update/Discussion – Carolyn Hull, LAEDC
  • Next steps for council + Adjournment – Carolyn Hull, LAEDC
  • Lundquist Institute Facility Tour

This quarterly meeting brings local bioscience industry experts together with faculty to discuss hot issues, new skills requirements, pathways into occupations, new programs and much more. These meetings are also great opportunities to develop relationships that lead to work-based learning opportunities.

For more information, email