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This portal serves as regional infrastructure to efficiently connect students and employers, so they can share job leads, work-based learning opportunities and resumes, on a Salesforce community platform.

CCW brings LA’s Industry, Talent, and Community Colleges together to be more
demand‐driven, industry responsive, future‐forward and adaptive.

Are you an employer?

Calling all employers seeking to:

  • Connect with the 19 community colleges in LA County
  • Upskill your current workforce
  • Share you internship and employment opportunities

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Are you a community college faculty?

Calling all community college faculty seeking to:

  • Access internship and employment opportunities for your students
  • Get invited to industry engagement and partnership opportunities
  • Receive and share business intelligence by industry sectors

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Are you a community college student?

Calling all community college students seeking:

  • Internships
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Employment

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