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Video: Renewable energy is influencing workforce, from facility managers to IT careers

January 14, 2020

In late 2019, LAEDC interviewed two experts from the California Community College system to ask how the renewable energy industry is affecting the skills that businesses need and the career opportunities for workers.  It is a short and interesting conversation, with information about how businesses can develop a talent pipeline and what college programs job-seekers can take to gain skills that are in-demand.  Surprisingly, the opportunities affect a wide ranging set of occupations, ranging from Information Technologies (IT), to facility management, to HVAC and electrician occupations, as well as some of the obvious positions like solar panel installers.

View the video here:


For more about the programs of the Community College system in greater LA, feel free to contact Bruce Noble, Energy Sector Regional Manager for Employer Engagement at the CA Community Colleges:


Review the ECU program options where students can gain skills for occupations discussed in the video:

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Lawren Markle
Sr. Director Communications / LAEDC, for
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