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CCW is offering students numerous engagement opportunities in the coming days, to hear from employees about hiring and skills needs for well-paying, in-demand occupations.  This allows students to learn which occupations they want to target, plan their education more accurately, develop relationships with large regional employers and set the stage for work-based learning and more productive use of their time at community college.

Here is a quick overview of the upcoming engagement points for students:

Students exchange questions and answers with employers about skills needed for careers, at a recent CCW student-focused opportunity

CCW is focused on institutionalizing the regular engagement of and partnerships between our 19 community colleges in the L.A. region and employers from high-growth industry sectors with projected growth of middle skill jobs. It is through these productive partnerships and real-time “feedback loops” that colleges can adaptively attune their programs, courses and curricula to the workforce needs in a way that this truly responsive, demand-driven and future-forward, while also providing students with the very important real-world experiences that come from work-based learning opportunities, such as internships, and that prepare them for living-wage and sustainable employment and careers.

Learn more and engage with CCW by contacting Claire Anderson.

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