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Well-paying middle-skill occupations abound in the ports-related industry sector in LA County

But which jobs will have job openings, good wages and are accessible to most job-seekers?

The new report from Center for a Competitive Workforce (to post 3-2-21)  identifies accessible career pathways in the rapidly evolving industry sector related to LA County’s massive seaports and airports.  The report helps community college faculty adapt programs to evolving job opening forecasts, gives job seekers insights on where the good wages are, and supports pathways into these well-paying jobs.

LA’s seaports and airports move much of the goods for the nation, and over 100,000 workers are employed in the supporting activities, such as cargo and freight agents, drivers, and aircraft mechanics and service technicians.  Most of these jobs are considered middle-skill and accessible with some community college.  With the rapid technological changes expected in the industry, the demand for highly specialized technical training will grow, creating thousands of jobs.  But as automation such as autonomous vehicles changes the landscape quickly, new skills that are needed, and modernization both creates and eliminates jobs, directly impacting the industry’s workforce.



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