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Lab Assistant I – Urology



In this role, you will perform duties of Lab Assistant in a benign urology laboratory engaged in translational surgical device design, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research. The overarching goal of the Sturm lab is to apply basic science and technological advancements to improve equity, quality, and consistency in urologic care across diverse healthcare settings, with a particular focus on lower urinary tract reconstructive procedures.

Specific tasks of the lab assistant will be to complete a variety of laboratory cell culture and tissue culture procedures and assays. Experimental tasks will include physiological and mechanical testing of bladder and urethra, structural analysis including histologic and scanning electron microscopic tissue evaluation, and extracellular matrix assays/ Management of laboratory includes inventory control, ordering of supplies, preparation of laboratory materials and reagents, handling of live animals, assistance in surgical procedures, and tissue preparation and analysis.



  • Cell culture experience including aseptic technique and primary cell culture
  • Ability to perform general laboratory techniques such as weighing, sterilizing,
    titration, glassware washing, filtering, reagent and buffer prep, maintaining sterile
  • Knowledge and understanding of molecular techniques.
  • Skill in keeping accurate and complete research records.
  • Ability to recognize irregularities and invalid results.
  • Ability to conduct multiple experiments in close temporal proximity.
  • Ability to read and understand experimental protocols as guidelines.
  • Knowledge of how to use and maintain modern laboratory equipment including
    incubators, tissue culture hoods, centrifuges, balances, and pH meter.
  • Mathematical skills to calculate chemical and biological concentrations in
  • Animal husbandry knowledge (small animals: mice, rat, rabbit) and support of
    surgical procedures by surgical team

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