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Faculty and student engagement with leading employers is improving outcomes for students and faculty, and increasing talent pipeline effectiveness for businesses in LA County

During the past few months over 1,000 students from LA County’s 19 community colleges have engaged with employers in student-focused work-based learning and internship webinars facilitated by CCW.

The industry councils hosted by LAEDC and CCW has engaged 69 faculty members from 16 of the 19 community colleges in the LA County Basin.

A total of 138 internship and work-based learning opportunities were added the the CCW portal to provide greater opportunity to students.

And a solid 158 faculty from 17 community colleges engaged with employers at Regional Program Advisories, which help shape curricula and programs for specific occupations and industries, to update faculty knowledge and increase relationships with key employers which hire grads.

And almost 50 major employers participated in various programs to share knowledge through these CCW programs, which was highly valuable.

Click on the graphic to view the participation details:

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