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With most LA County residents at home under COVID-19 lock-down orders, many of whom face an uncertain employment picture, there is an unprecedented opportunity to help these residents gain new skills, find new career paths, and utilize our community colleges and other educational resources to improve their earnings potential.

The LA19 community colleges have been steadily offering more courses online over the past few years and are well positioned to deliver that online career education affordably, which is a key consideration for many who have lost sources of income.

CCW has posted data on wages and job openings for approximately 100 middle-skill occupations at this link to help people choose occupations that pay well and will be hiring in the Los Angeles region.  While the health crisis has dimmed prospects in some sectors for the immediate future, such as hospitality and retail, it has also increased demand for nurses, some logistics positions, and in general these 5-year forecasts for job openings continue to offer valuable information for faculty, students and jobs seekers who are interested in new career pathways.

We invite feedback on this and other ways to utilize the community college system during the coming weeks and months.  Faculty are encouraged to please send an email with related information that can be made available on this website.