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The Center for a Competitive Workforce presented the Industry and Workforce Implications of COVID-19, for community colleges in the Los Angeles County region on April 30th, 2020.  Shannon Sedgwick, Director of LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics, and CCW report co-author, presented key findings and local insights related to the pandemic as a. service to community college faculty and staff.

This event was hosted by CCW in an effort to look at the massive changes occurring in the economy, as the COVID-19 crisis displaces hundreds of thousands of workers in LA County, especially impacting low wage, service sector occupations where layoffs have been severe.

This is an unprecedented time in terms of the shift in workforce as people seek to move to where the jobs are, in many cases requiring some upskilling to improve opportunity for well-paying, middle-skill jobs.  At the same time, new job opportunities are being created by the tectonic shifts occurring in the economy.  To be part of the activation of strategies to strengthen career pathways to into occupations growing in demand due to these changes, please contact Richard Verches, CCW’s Executive Director and/or Jessica Ku Kim, LAEDC’s Senior Director of Workforce Development.

View the slide deck here CCW COVID-19_Industry and Workforce Implications

Shannon Sedgwick

Director, LAEDC Institute for Applied Economics

Richard Verches

Executive Director, CCW

Jessica Ku Kim

Sr. Director Workforce Development, LAEDC